The Stone Emperor is a purely evil entity, of a race known to Dhiar. Their kind are merciless and without any positive emotions, existing only to destroy and ruin. They do not speak except in certain circumstances, and their voices are torturous to the hearing of any not of their race who may hear. Their abilities in magic are almost peerless, and they need only to "release" part of their essence to the surrounding world, in order to cause serious destructive damage. They are, essentially, anathema to everything that is not them.

The Emperor manipulated Salious, through informal agreement, to try and remove Prince Amaranth, who was the last obstacle in his attempt to subjugate the world to his will. He managed to use forbidden, secret knowledge and magic to imprison the Seer of the Elves, although ingenuity on the Elves' part kept him from dominating the Elves, as they installed Chana as substitute Seer. The fact that she was not an Elf, despite her strong magic ability, proved a stumbling block for the Emperor and caused him to turn his attention elsewhere, which proved to be a crucial mistake.

The Emperor bided his time and expected, once Salious deposed Amaranth, to be able to advance his plans without opposition. However, the arrival of Dhiar and the three young humans disrupted things. The Emperor was drawn into singular combat with Dhiar, confident that he completely outclassed him and could crush him at any time. However, the Incubus was able to keep him occupied long enough that the Seer was freed and the Emperor destroyed by his own plans.


  • The Stone Emperor is an almost peerless mage.
  • He can simply express his essence into the world around him, to cause massive destruction.
  • He is virtually invulnerable physically.
  • His voice alone is torturous to any not of his kind.
  • He is able to summon creatures similar to himself, though much lesser in strength, at will.