Siros is an angel who lived in the city of Noctemburg during Dhiar's time there.

He has striking beauty, black hair that goes to pinkish white towards the ends, and a tendency to wear flattering and somewhat dramatic clothing.


Siros met Dhiar at a party one night in Noctemburg, after having heard about him and his shop Phantasies from friends. The two hit it off despite Dhiar's guarded approach to angels, and they engaged in a lengthy and passionate relationship.

Siros accompanied Dhiar to the Great City of Dis as well, ultimately one of the things that prompted Dhiar to leave Noctemburg soon after and, before that, to change some aspects of Phantasies to match the elegance of the Great City.

An angel of a god of love, Siros eventually had to return to work for a time, but he promised he would return to Dhiar and understood his need to remain free.

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