The Seer refers to an especially ancient and powerful Elf, who occupies a position of great influence and responsibility in their community. With vast magical powers and knowledge, it is the Seer who guides his people and protects them from threats.

When the Stone Emperor managed, through his devious planning and forbidden rituals, to kidnap and seal the Seer, the Succubus Chana was called frantically to fill in for him, and she managed to keep the Emperor at bay until help arrived.

The Seer was subsequently freed through their efforts, and Chana returned the position to him.


  • The Seer is the wisest and most powerful, most influential Elf of the community. There are few things beyond his capability, although the Stone Emperor was able to take him by surprise temporarily, using forbidden, sealed knowledge. Since the Emperor's defeat, however, this knowledge has been recorded for defensive purposes and will be unable to surprise them again.
  • The Seer can, of course, use various techniques to glimpse remote events, whether remote because of physical distance, or because of distance in time, either backwards or forwards. Future events are gauged by likelihood rather than certainty, as the future is always mutable.