Salious is a misguided villain who is actually the uncle of Prince Amaranth. Under an informal agreement with the Stone Emperor, he intended to overthrow Amaranth and to claim his kingdom, so that the Emperor would be unopposed in his goals. He employs a retainer named Kozul, who is an Ogre and seems completely obedient to Salious, until he encounters Dhiar. Salious is determined to avenge the perceived insult to his dignity when Dhiar knocked him out and blackened his eye with a single punch, and so he attacks him later...only to be defeated again.

Salious was presumably later rehabilitated by great effort from Dhiar and the others, including Kozul.

He holds grudges and views himself as honourable, and so any loss of face is disastrous to him and must be answered. He can be stubborn and, despite evidence to the contrary, may insist that his feelings are against something. His opinion is that resolving most conflicts through anything but physical confrontation is a cowardly act, although his experience with Dhiar may have changed his thinking somewhat.

He wears little in battle because he follows a spiritual belief strong in his ancestors, which his brother (Amaranth's father) apparently did not embrace: that the more skin revealed, the greater the resonance with ethereal energies of battle and, thus, greater strength. The chest is always to be revealed, as a point of focus for this power. Courage is paramount in this philosophy, but invisible shield spells also help.


  • Salious is able to influence and command certain creatures with a lesser intellect than his own, such as most Ogres.
  • He is proficient in the use of various weapons, including swords and hammers.
  • He also possesses a sturdier form than most, due to extensive magic use and training. His strength is superhuman.