Ruvial Gatthies was the Supreme Acolyte, a learned and kind man who worked for peace and understanding between people. He was well-known for making decisions based on right, rather than what was expected of him or even promoted by his church. He died of natural causes, but he then made a miraculous full recovery and covered up the event, in reality possessed by an inhabiting lich, in service to the Lord of Abominations.

By the time Dhiar encounter him, Gatthies is no longer the man they find. Having taught Cruz, Rosa, and Oscar, the lich in his form opposes Hawkye L. Narasumas and Dhiar and attempts to summon the Lord of Abominations. Unable to withstand the massive assault of the combined heroes for long, Gatthies's form is destroyed, along with the lich in it.


  • Ruvial Gatthies had no superhuman abilities, but was a talented speaker and a true humanitarian.