Rehzier, sorceror

Rehzier is an unscrupulous sorceror who made a bit to conquer the land rightfully ruled by the family of Opaliz. When he at last began to move overtly and took over the capital city, he used forbidden magics and turned those who would not accept being his slaves into jewels. Subsequently he humiliated them by setting them in things like codpieces.

Attempting to pursue the fleeing Opaliz and Lanimaz, his brother, Rehzier made a crucial miscalculation and was taken off-guard by Lanimaz's simple light spell. Rehzier dismissed the flight of the royals and expected not to see them again.

Unfortunately for him, however, Chana of Phantasies arrived and used her knowledge of strategy to beat him thoroughly at backgammon, having seduced him into vast wagers beforehand. She won the kingdom and, subsequently, returned it to its rightful rulers.

Rehzier attempts to appear most times like a tall and imposing figure completely clothed in shadow, with only a single eye visible in the centre of the forehead. However, Rehzier's true form is nothing but the eye.