Lydia and Lydie are cousins of Dhiar's.

Although they sometimes occupy the same singular form, they can separate at will. They also change gender at will, although they usually keep a few elements consistent between their forms. Whenever they are separate, they tend to have opposite features of one another, such as hair parted on the opposite side.

The twins share a psychic bond and share feelings as well. They are like Dhiar and Chana, although they happily dance between the terms Succubus and Incubus. The pleasure is the most important thing, of course, as Dhiar and his people are aware.


One day, when Dhiar was out shopping, he had left Evvin in charge of Phantasies. Lydia and Lydie dropped by unexpectedly, mistaking Evvin for Dhiar and overwhelming him. However, soon after, Dhiar returned and explained. It had, after all, been some time since they had seen each other.