Lothring is a revenant of considerable magical power and ability.

He maintains a number of residences, one of which is in Noctemburg, which is where he met Dhiar originally.

His appearance is stunning, with bone-white skin and red hair so dark it appears black. His eyes, like most revenants', are solid black. He wears a small goatee on his chin and long sideburns, and tends to dress in clothes that are fine, although he also loses track of time easily and these clothes often become worn.


Lothring existed for decades before Dhiar came to Noctemburg. In fact, Lothring lived in one of the earlier regions of the city, which was, by the time Dhiar arrived, already a mostly-abandoned suburb inhabited almost exclusively by revenants.

Lothring maintained his house, with lush and vast gardens, for some time, insisting on keeping it lively and not letting himself fall into the same decay and idleness of many of the other revenants. However, after some years, he lost something of his awareness.

When he contacted Dhiar after hearing about Phantasies, the Incubus delivered his order of clothes and reawakened him to the senses that he had lost. The two maintained a deep friendship that continued even after both had more or less left Noctemburg.


  • Lothring, like all revenants, is effectively immortal and does not decay. He does not require food, drink, breathing, or anything else that living humans do. However, if he does not maintain his body, it will become less and less lively.
  • Lothring gathers vital energies to maintain himself, which he can draw from any living thing. The bodily fluids of the living are the easiest, and blood is the easiest of those, which had caused some to confuse revenants with vampires. Revenants require very little vital energy to maintain themselves.
  • Lothring is much tougher than any human. It would be incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to attempt to destroy his body; even if dismembered, he could, given time, reconstitute himself and reattach his limbs.
  • Lothring has a lower body temperature than a living human. He is not cold to the touch, but he is cooler than a human. Temperature changes around him do not affect him, much like Dhiar or Chana, but he can perceive them.
  • Lothring is especially talented in magic, sorcery, and the studies of mysticism. His vast lifespan has given him great opportunity to study a great many things, and he is among the most capable mages in existence.