The Lord of Abominations is one of the most powerful abominations to exist. He (or more technically correct, it) is the embodiment of the abomination essence. Like the Stone Emperor, abominations are anathema to the universe in general, and the presence of one will twist and corrupt everything around it in a creeping ripple of doom and ruin.

The Lord of Abominations is supreme amongst abominations, and its very presence can turn a once-verdant, lush world into a hollowed-out husk, barely a memory of what it once was, within a short time. It consumes existence and basically extends its very being into that existence, turning everything into an extension of it.

The Lord of Abominations cannot move by itself across dimensions and because of this relies on servants such as the inhabiting lich encountered by Dhiar and his allies in Family. It nonetheless commands astounding power.


  • The Lord of Abominations is one of the most powerful entities in the known universe. It commands unspeakable power at levels higher than some could even imagine.
  • The Lord of Abominations can cause wounds that interfere with the abilities of shapeshifters and accelerated healers, due to its nature as an abomination, corrupting and destroying all that it contacts.
  • It extends its very matter into existence around it, turning everything into an extension of it. In this way, it is potentially capable of consuming entire universes by itself, if left unchecked.

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