Kroih is a planet in the same system as Dong Krang's throneworld. It is populated by a variety of humanoids, most all of a tan skin colour and fair hair. Their attire is comparable to desert civilisations on Earth, because Kroih is an small, arid planet that is largely covered in deserts and jungles.

Cities on Kroih are a splendid affair indeed, and most are made as huge habitable gardens, lush and full of sweet scents from the many blooming flowers. The people of Kroih have developed formidable technology allowing them to cultivate astounding amounts of food from the soil, and to irrigate places that might otherwise be barren for food production. The inhabitants of Kroih live in close harmony with the nature of their planet, which may explain how they have been so successful in spreading all across it.

Nobles of Kroih, such as the popular Duke Feirrysh, have solid black eyes and gently-angled ears, whereas non-nobles have similar features to Earth humanoids. Nobility is established by birth, but nobility can be achieved through social ascension. However, the position of noble also causes, through some metamorphosis, adoption of the aforementioned physical features. Being born with the features marks any person of Kroih as a noble, and those who adopt the features later in life are sometimes regarded as lesser nobility by those who were born with them.

Trappers exist on Kroih and attempt to trap exotic animals or even people. They will work for anyone, as long as the price is right. They are wanted outlaws, and so they tend to be nomadic; although their place of origin is Kroih, they are constantly travelling around the star system in flight from Kroih's authorities. Because of this, the Trappers of Kroih also often include non-Kroih natives in their number.

During the events of Dhiar! AAH!, Duke Feirrysh of Kroih came with a small entourage to Dong Krang's throneworld in pursuit of the Trappers and helped to overthrow the evil Overlord. Dong Krang had, up to that point, only attempted to establish a presence on Kroih. He was largely unsuccessful due to the inhospitable nature of the planet's climate, but he had attempted to use the Trappers in order to have some presence on Kroih and some influence on events there. Without Dong Krang to support them, the Trappers were splintered and weakened considerably.

Duke Feirrysh returned to Kroih a worldwide hero, praised and loved by all.