Joshua, Werewolf

Joshua is a werewolf of indeterminate origin. He is youthful and enthusiastic, but he is also more mature and intelligent than he may initially appear; at times it seems as if Dhiar is the younger one of the two. Whereas Dhiar has a tendency simply to go with what is happening and let things work themselves out, Joshua prefers to make more careful plans, sometimes with multiple backups, just in case.

Joshua is very fair, with blond hair and light eyes. Physically he is shorter than Dhiar, but he is also more visibly muscular, with greater definition. He tends to wear natural fabrics, but he is careful to abide by Dhiar's own clothing restrictions so that he does not unintentionally harm him or other demons. He enjoys minimal clothing which allows him to move most freely.

Dhiar calls Joshua 'woofie', and Joshua calls Dhiar 'boss'. These are terms of endearment between the two. Joshua works at Phantasies in his spare time and lives there; unlike Chana or Dhiar, he almost never leaves the shop to pursue his own adventure.


  • Joshua is able to change shape into a wolf. He must do this at least once a month, although it is unnecessary if Phantasies is existing outside of any singular location. He may change shape at will, although he does not typically retain his clothing unless it can fit on his wolf-form.

Joshua in wolf form


Joshua in his summer yukata