Dhiar and Uhr rummage through Dhiar's old comic books, in the storage room of Phantasies. Uhr is enchanted by the Georgie comics, which Dhiar used to read as a young demon.

Dhiar goes out and finds that Phantasies has arrived in Cheersville, home of Georgie and friends! He immediately goes to Mr. Barley's drugstore for a soda float and is joined by Uhr.

The two get up to hijinks, as usual, but soon Uhr makes Dhiar realise that Georgie is nowhere to be seen. Dhiar goes to talk to Georgie about the insecurities Georgie is feeling and invites him back to Phantasies.

When Georgie arrives, Uhr blows his hair back with a fan, revealing that Georgie, too, is an Incubus. Dhiar explains that Georgie is a part of Cheersville, and vice-versa.

Georgie, encouraged by Dhiar and Uhr, invites them to the dance.


  • This is the first adventure to have distinctively different visual styles, although Dhiar! AAH! experimented with homage using cliffhangers and narration that usually do not appear in the story.
  • When he was young, Dhiar used to read Georgie Comics and wish he could meet Georgie and hang out in Cheersville.
  • Uhr demonstrates his characteristic 'uhrfling' in this story, which is imitated by Dhiar and Mr. Barley.
  • Due to the influence of Cheersville's morphic field, anything occurring outside of Phantasies looks like it is taking place in a Georgie Comic. Everything occurring inside Phantasies, however, has the usual style, including people from Cheersville who enter.
  • Dhiar shows his ears, a rare occasion.