Feirrysh is one of the most important and popular nobles of the planet Kroih. Like all nobles of the planet, he has slightly angled ears and solid black eyes, but is otherwise like an Earth-humanoid in appearance.

He is extremely popular for his friendly approach to nobility, and the fact that he treats all of his men well. He considers it a personal responsibility to try and bring the Trappers of Kroih to justice, and to this end he has pursued them throughout the system to do so.

With the help of Dhiar and Dzudz, Feirrysh and his men are able to overthrow Overlord Dong Krang and stop his involvement in the support of the Trappers.


  • Feirrysh is an extremely capable fighter, an excellent shot, and an amazing swordsman.
  • He was born into nobility, with the features that mark him as a noble.

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