Evvin is a former inhabitant of Noctemburg who, for a time, stayed at Phantasies and helped Dhiar.

He wears his thick, bushy hair in a variety of colours, and he has several piercings: other than his ears, he also has three piercings along his left eyebrow and one under his lower lip.

He is of mixed heritage, and one side of his family is traditional Japanese.

He struggles with his humanity, especially when staying in a place like Noctemburg, but Dhiar helped him to come to terms with that.


Evvin found the entrance to Noctemburg by accident, but he needed to get away, so he stayed. He found himself quite solitary in such a strange and exciting place, and until he met Dhiar at a club near Phantasies, he never made a single social attachment in the city.

Evvin stayed with Dhiar for a time, and Dhiar taught him many things and awakened him to the pleasures of existence. When the vampire noble Dhiar had been teaching, Anton, invited Evvin to his chateau on the surface and outside of Noctemburg, Dhiar urged Evvin to take the opportunity to find himself outside of Noctemburg. Evvin realised he had missed the sky and went, professing his love for Dhiar.

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