Dzudz is a Melliferapian, from the planet Melliferapis. He has bee-like features, with insectoid eyes and antennae-like ears, as well as a soft fuzzy covering for his body, in black and gold pattern.

He functions as the head of Overlord Dong Krang's harem when he encounters Chana, but this is due to his people's social standards; he is not a eunuch and has full anatomical features. However, until he meets Dhiar and Chana, he is unfamiliar overall with how to apply them and imagines it is simply because Dhiar and Chana are both Queens, which among his people would be a reasonable conclusion.

When he is liberated from his position by Chana and helps Dhiar and Duke Feirrysh, he becomes stronger and develops a sting, a rarity for his people.


  • Dzudz can produce a biological sting, which is effectively a stun beam, emitted from his hand.
  • Dzudz's name is similar to a buzzing sound, which is a naming convention for his people as their speech patterns are based around buzzes and melodious noises.
  • Like all Melliferapians, Dzudz can cultivate a sweet nectar from any flowering plant.
  • Dzudz can fly, although without a decisive destination, this can be a painful affair of bumping into walls and furniture.

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