Dong Krang is a self-proclaimed Overlord, who has enslaved and tortured several societies in the system of Kroih. He initially may appear normal or even handsome to others, but he quickly shows his more monstrous features, such as sharp fangs, a widely-hinged jaw, sharp talons, and an inhumanly long tongue.

Dong Krang regards himself as a destined ruler and never hesitates to act in ways for his own benefit. He tortures, kills, and destroys whatever dares to oppose him, or sometimes whatever he may impulsively wish to destroy. He proclaimed that he had annihilated most who originally inhabited his throneworld, and that he regarded it as his royal obligation to kill those who oppose him.

He possesses superhuman strength and agility, making him a formidable opponent. He also has no need for actual sleep, and thus his mind is constantly active to power his robot guards.

Dong Krang has a harem run by Dzudz, but he never uses it himself. It is usually for the use of members of his staff or visiting dignitaries, which is one of his few shows of generosity or willingness to share.

He regards Demons with dismissive contempt, likely because the winged natives of his throneworld worship them. It is uncertain as to whether or not their prayers and offerings brought their ultimate liberation through assistance.

Dong Krang's arrogance spells his downfall, however, as the Incubus Dhiar defeats him in close combat, shattering the bones in the despot's hand and punching him into unconsciousness.


  • Dong Krang is stronger, faster, and more agile than an average humanoid.
  • He has poisonous fangs that drip venom along his lengthy tongue, as well as a widely-hinged jaw allowing him to bite even human-sized targets.
  • He has clawlike fingernails that are similarly dangerous, though not as venomous as his fangs.
    • Dong Krang's venom is impotent against Demons.