Mischievous duo Byron and Shelley summon Dhiar using a scroll of some sort and ask his help in acquiring the Pettoishi of a boy named Sam. Sam and his Pettoishi, Picow, are found questing for a temple with an object that will enable Picow to turn into a human. Dhiar helps him, but Byron and Shelley interfere and, although Picow becomes human, so do two Pettoishi given by Dhiar to Byron and Shelley. Chaos ensues, and Dhiar is able to turn them back into Pettoishi while Picow remains human.

Dhiar prepares to leave, but Byron stops him. Dhiar agrees to stay a little longer, thanks to Byron's genuine request.


  • Dhiar's summoning scroll describes him as a "grand and mighty demon".
  • Dhiar uses his magic sense, which enables him to detect magical sources within a few miles.
  • Dhiar mentions his Incubus talent of being able to get out of clothing easily.