Annie is a young human, presumably from a version of Earth. She is the sister to Benny and Simon, and fancies herself more mature than either of them. They have been in Amaranth's kingdom before for successful adventures, and when they return they quickly pick up where they left off.

Annie has a magical sword and shield that she is able to summon at will, and she is proficient in their use. The sword and shield are Elven in origin. She is never hesitant about conflict, as long as she feels she is on the side of right.

Annie loves Elves and enjoys all of her adventures, although she doesn't let herself truly enjoy them fully until she realizes what she has been forcing herself to miss. She comes to respect not only Amaranth, but also Dhiar and especially Chana, whom she views as a wise older sister.


  • Annie is proficient in the use of a magical sword and shield, which are Elven in nature.

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