The sorceress Morgaine summons Dhiar to Camelot, to request his assistance for her son Mordred. Excited at the prospect of meeting the handsome Mordred, Dhiar goes to help him and finds out that his problem is with a certain knight of the Round Table, the insufferably pure Galahad. After Dhiar reasons out the situation with the clueless Galahad, he leaves it to its natural resolution.


  • Dhiar recognises Morgaine by her manner of speaking and remembers having seen Mordred, although he has clearly never met him, only seen him.
  • Mordred, on the other hand, has neither met nor seen Dhiar before he appears.
  • Dhiar uses the expression 'the bee's knees' and then quickly says he must have picked it up from Chana; this is a popular slang expression that originated in the 20s.
  • Dhiar mentions his aversion to leather.