Akahori is the oldest member of JINBOU, although he often looks the youngest. He is nicknamed "Aka-chan" by Dhiar, which is a nickname he has been called before. Initially he doesn't like it, but Dhiar persuades him.

Akahori has a need for attention and a fear of losing the spotlight, which causes him to be prone to accidents when he isn't performing and thus receiving a great deal of attention. He typically has problems with controlling his bladder and can be a bit of a crybaby.

Dhiar reassures him that there's nothing wrong with accidents or wanting the spotlight and gives him a nice intimate cleanup.

He looks more his age when he doesn't have his hair up in a little ponytail, but he's easily the most cutesy of the group.

He later goes on to release a song called "Aka-chan", which relates his memories of Dhiar's visit. His style after Dhiar's help is the unabashed baby of the group, accidents and all.