Dhiar, Woofie, and Chana all introduce themselves, for a television advertisement that Chana is sure will bring interested customers to Phantasies.

Dhiar is summoned to Camelot by Morgaine, who is concerned for her son Mordred, who is extremely hot. Highlights include a comparison of King Arthur to a horse's doodle.

Dhiar enjoys a cup of tea with a very special friend.

When royal djinn Lanimaz and Opaliz are menaced by a wicked sorceror, it's up to Dhiar, Woofie, and Chana to fix things!

Summoned to a strange world of collectible monsters, Dhiar tries to make the best of it as he attempts to sort out the conflicting desires of everyone involved.

When summoned to a magical world, Dhiar works with some English youths to set things right. Chana dramatically reveals herself (no, not like that) and a terrible evil must be confronted.

An old flame walks back into Dhiar's life, after some considerable time. But even though time has passed, an Incubus loves forever.

Woofie's been kidnapped by trappers! An evil overlord menaces a space world! What to do? Get woofie back and put that overlord in his place, of course! Cliffhanger by cliffhanger.

Dhiar and Woofie give helpful information for would-be filmmakers.

Dhiar is summoned with a plea to help struggling boy band JINBOU. Kinkiness follows.

Old friends and loved ones mingle with familiar faces to stop the most dangerous threat Dhiar has ever faced.

The seasons have changed, and the bittersweet realisation is moving.

Regular business partners of Dhiar's, the Nockers decide to send him a holiday gift. The Incubus is enchanted.

Dhiar finds himself in Cheersville, and he decides to show Uhr a good time. But first he has to show a dear friend how ginchy life can be.

Dhiar is summoned to a very romantic England by the busybody Mrs. Bennet, to help her daughters find love and their family find stability. Meanwhile, Chana heads an effort to find Dhiar.

In a world plagued by underhanded political wrangling, Dhiar must organise a group of adult film stars with powers to stand up against evil and injustice.