Adoric is a sailor who met Dhiar on board the cruise he took with Chana en route to Berlin.

A man of not more than forty years of age, Adoric wears his sideburns long and cuts a dashing figure.


When he was very young, Adoric dreamt of being the conductor of a train. However, as he grew older, he found himself more attracted to sailing. Although he came from a landlocked area, he quickly grew fond of the sea and joined a crew as soon as he could.

The captain of the ship was quite fond of him, though nothing came of it. During one of their stops, a disliked member of the crew secretly stole an item from the port where they had stopped for the first time. This led to an unsettling encounter where the townspeople reacted like zombies and pursued the sailors with weapons, but soon the situation was resolved by the ship leaving and the item being returned to the townspeople, who fixated upon it. Unbeknownst to Adoric, this town was corrupted by an Abomination.

Adoric eventually settled into the position of first mate on a trans-Atlantic cruise ship, meeting Dhiar during one of the trips. Soon after, he took an extended leave and sailed with Dhiar to Scotland.

Dhiar later indicated that Adoric ended up travelling all around Europe after he went on to Berlin, and he expressed that he would like to pop in and check on him, an idea enthusiastically supported by Joshua.